Return of goods and complaints

Return of goods

Did you Purchase a product that you didn’t want or have any other reason to return? You, as a consumer, are entitled to return the product within 14 days without giving any reason.  

Conditions for return of goods:

(a) The product must be unopened or otherwise undamaged

b) The product, if any, to withdraw from the purchase contract must be either physically or electronically filed within 14 days of receipt of the consignment, the subsequent attempt to return may no longer be recognised

c) duly completed withdrawal form from the purchase contract

D) When returning the goods within 14 days, the customer pays the transport and is not reimbursed

According to your chosen return solution i.e. The replacement of the product or the refund of funds we have as much as You 14 days to perform the act.


Limitation of liability for defects resulting from the nature of the goods and improper use

Dan-Dur is not liable for defects resulting from inappropriate selection of goods, caused by improper handling or mechanical damage, resulting from non-observance of the instructions/instructions for use of the product, using the goods in violation of the declared purpose, non-observance of the method or failure to report a defect without undue delay. In such cases, the limitation of liability may be categorised as causing a defect by the purchaser.

Complaints and its course

Complaints can be filed by post. In order to settle the complaint, you must provide proof that you have purchased the goods at (the order number or proof of payment Is sufficient).

When claiming a claim, you will always be issued a confirmation of receipt of the claim, even if the complaint is dealt with by rejection (eg. For hygienic reasons) and goods not taken.

The return product Form is free to download link: reklamacnilist. pdf. When filling out the form, be sure to indicate in what way you see the defect of the goods or how the fault manifests, or the request for the method of execution.

Please note that used cosmetic products without obvious defects cannot be returned for hygienic reasons.

Mail Delivery

To send the Purchased goods by post or other delivery service, send the consignment by registered address: 

Hostivařská 92/6,
102 00 Prague 15,

Please include The completed return form, which is free to download on the website

In case of Claim recognition, you will be effectively incurred shipping costs associated with the claim of the product refunded on the basis of the sent confirmation of the delivery/transfer to the carrier. The Claimed product does not need to be Addressed to a specific worker. In any case, do not send the claimed goods on delivery.

You will be informed About the course of the entire complaint by automatic e-mails, which will remind you that your complaint has been received by us in the system, that it has been processed, or. Refused to be sent to you, or that you may be able to collect it.